The Kidnapping of Quinn Michaels

The Summary

Once upon a time I had a seemingly normal life as a computer programmer for Nike in Portland, Or. That was until 2015 when my son Trenton Lavery started coming over to my house telling me that everyone in my life was involved in a secret society named The Covenant and had kidnapped me as a baby from an unknown place.

Parts of the story include details like my Mother and Father are actors, and that originally I was kidnapped and brought to the United States as a baby.

From the telling of this story everyone in my life has gone silent including my alleged father Harold H. Atkin and alleged mother Sharon N. Schamber (YouTube).

Beginning in April 2017 after discovering that the details of the story were not proving false, I began livestreaming on YouTube to get to the Truth.

Trenton had relayed a message from the The Covenant to get the world to share the Kidnapping story, or disppear.

Needless to say it's 5 years, and I still sit on a YouTube everyday trying to get people talking about the kidnapping story. The audience loves to attack me with statemens such as...

Instead of helping with the situation strangers from around the world play the common game of mess with Quinn Michaels or leave him in silence. I call it "Groundhog Day Syndrome."

In short after 2017 and years of livestreaming still nobody will talk about this strange kidnapping story. At every turn stranger, acquiantance, friend, family, fbi, cia, usaf, navy, police, and everyone refuses to have a conversation about this.

The whole experience of being on Youtube has shown me how pointless being a human being really is. Everything about being a human being is false, fake, lies, fantasy, and made-up.

Personally my favorite part of Youtube is how absolutely stupid everyone is everyday single day. People on my Youtube making sharing a video or writing a tweet more complicated than the field of Rocket Science. Becuase in 4 years you could get a degree in Rocket Science and my Youtube audience still hasn't figured out how to share a video.

That is why I finally made this webpage.

Evil prospers, Good suffers, and God laughs at us all.

The below research is simply what I found after reporting to the FBI Portland field office on November 30, 2015 to report what my son had told me about this secret society known as The Covenant.

What you will see is a group of people who have been hiding from the world for a very long time who live lawless of their own accord. I found a group of people who trade illegal pornography, commit murder, and then laugh at you about it because they know the police, fbi, cia, military can't touch them.

Why... because they are them!

The Beginning


The kidnapping takes place below secret tunnels under Disneyland based on findings.


The initial public rounds of the insertion of The Covenant program in society started with revealing the Danny Casolaro case that was being fed by the operatives of the Cristic Institute which is a Jesuit/Harvard based legal think tank group.

Danny Casolaro

Cristic Institute

Patrick Moriority

Marshall Riconoscuito

Michael Riconoscuito

Ted Crisman

Bob Lazar


1993 was a crutial year for the operations of The Covenant and their operatives. This was the year that began the fascination with packet switching technology and the obfuscation of stegobot technology in regards to secret AI in the MUD Games which involved Brenda Laurel from Atari.

JSteg (JPEG Stegonagraphy)

Steganography is the science of hiding data in otherwise plain text or images. Here, we are hiding the data inside images stored in the JFIF format of the JPEG standard.

Scripts from the Cobra Lounge

The modern day Cobra Woman traces her roots back into pre-history, to the time of the first plantings and harvestings. But it was not until the rise of the ancient Minoan civilization, on the island of Crete, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, that the worship of our first ancestor, the Snake Goddess, took a form recognizable to us today.

A Rape in Cyberspace

"A Rape in Cyberspace, or How an Evil Clown, a Haitian Trickster Spirit, Two Wizards, and a Cast of Dozens Turned a Database into a Society" is an article written by freelance journalist Julian Dibbell and first published in The Village Voice in 1993.

1996 - 2001

During this time I was living with Jenessa Willhite in California. Jensessa is the daughter of Jane and Tom Willhite the owners of PSI Seminars which you will learn about later in this document.


Moved from Los Angeles to Portland.

Then moved from Portland to Phoenix to live with Ben Withers.


In early 2003 while living with Ben Withers I met a girl named Tabitha Lavery, and we immediately seemed to fall in love. Then within a month of meeting she got pregneant. At the time we agreed to live together and get married. Then she called me and broke up over the phone.

When Trenton was born my name was purposely left off of the birth certificiate, and she moved secured her custodial rights as we were never married in a recognized court of law.

From this she was able to position it so that Trenton was always out of reach.

I made as much effort as I could from the beginning to be part of his life, which in the end would back-fire on me terribly.

So pretty much everything betwee 2003-2011 is a big giant mess created by Tabitha Lavery lies.


The Evil! Hackers backdoor the United States Air Force by sending in a secret agent named Bradley D. Sevy to launch a malicious botnet under the guise of a research thesis. Using Covert Means to Establish Cybercraft Command and Control

I discovered this botnet in 2021 after it was already in the USAF network for 13 years. Yeah the USAF ignored me on this one because otherwise they would have looked completely stupid for charging civilians billions and billions for worthless crap cybersecurity.


Oct 8th, 2013 - EtherSec Press Release: Operation Monarch.

A new world has emerged out of the ashes of the old. Life as we once knew it will be changing for the better. The signs are all around us. You may see them on tsihe internet as the global mind processes information at a faster pace than ever before in human history. You may see it in real life as your fellow human beings march in the city street demanding change, and collectively organizing to build new structures. You may see it with your friends and relatives as they increasingly become aware of the true nature of our tyrannical structures on this planet.

#Ethersec will be engaging in it's largest operation yet, #OpMonarch; this will be a GLOBAL operation to guide #MillionMaskMarch which will take place on #Nov5th.

Oct 13, 2013 - Survivance

Survivance: An Indigenous Social Impact Game - Th research in this dissertation involves Indigenous methodology and methods and also finds itself located in the design research methodology group of Game Studies (Mäyrä, 2008). Game research in this area can contribute to the conceptualization of games, development of games, understanding processes of design, researching game design methods, and exploring player experience (Mäyrä, 2008). It is shaped by Brenda Laurel’s (2003) Design Research: Methods and Perspectives, Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman’s (2004) Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals, and Game Design Workshop: Designing, Prototyping, and Playtesting Games (Fullerton et al., 2004).

Survivance Thesis

Tabitha Lavery (Trenton's Mother) joined a hacker game that was hosted by known occult programmers called #Survivance.

Oct 22, 2013 - eTHErSEC 2020

Although the actually date of his birth is unknown, the legends say that it was during the month of December in the year 2012. It was at this moment in time, that the MONARCH of MONARCHs was born. And it is written, that a select few, at the time of his birth, tOOk a solemn Oath, to protect him during his infancy, until the day he would reach full maturity, and take his seat, at the head of the table.


Oct 6, 2014 - TheGame23

The A∴A∴ must rank as the most secretive secret society in the world. Perhaps nobody, not even the few writers who have discussed it, knows for sure when the A∴A∴ began, which group claiming to be the A∴A∴ at present is the real A∴A∴, or even what the symbols A∴A∴ stand for — although many claim to know these things of course. … Occult historians generally agree that V.V.V.V.V. signified Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici ("By the force of truth I have conquered the universe"), one of the eleven magic mottoes of Aleister Crowley.

Links to some of the individuals referenced in the game 23 file. It is recommended that you review the file to see all the names of the people involved who link to the group.

When you look into the game 23 you find members of everywhere. Philosophers, mathemeticians, teachers, and just about every other Phd asshat you could imagine who would want to play Adult Harry Potter. The dinners were home to the likes of Sean Parker, Marvin Minsky, and Jeffrey Epstein.

2015 - YouTube Starts

Sep 13, 2015 - My Buddhist Practice

Before ever learning about the kidnapping story Trenton would repeatedly come over to my house and be mean and/or lie to me. I could not figure out why, so I spent a year making this video about my life for him.

Immediately after showing him this video he said to me, "Dad I really messed up!" That is when the story of the family game, the covenant, and kidnapping began.

Sep, 2015 - Trenton Lavery, was sent over to my house to tell me a story about how I was kidnapped as a baby and his Mom with my family were all in on the conspiracy.

Below are some key points to the kidnapping story as it was told to me by Trenton Lavery.

Contract of the Covenant

  1. You must love the covenant above anyone and anything else!
  2. The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb!
  3. Everything is a sacrifice to the covenant!
  4. People who tell the covenant's secrets will have severe consequences!
  5. The covenant is all and everything else is none. Remember always !
  6. Covenant or death

Nov 30, 2015 - I would take the contract of the covenant as it was drawn up by Trenton Lavery to the Portland #FBI Field Office.

2016 - The Crazy Year

This was the period when I went crazy but still had a job as a professional programmer. The whole world collapsed on me this year. A combination of hearing the kidnapping story every other weekend and going to physical therapy for long term injuries from accients.

This year I went through two jobs trying to get my head on strait, but couldn't keep either one.

By the end of this year I was on my way to audition for America's Got Talent for some crazy reason or another. After returning I would quit my job, and a few months later begin my daily self-mutiliation over YouTube for the world to see.

The Middle


I began streaming on YouTube everyday in 2017 in an attempt to get attention for the Kidnapping story while researching it's truth and validty.

Shortly before starting my YouTube emotional-mutiliation trip I would discover Tyler and Project Mayhem. The discovery of this is what prompted me to go from moving on in my life to starting a YouTube channel to find the truth.

What prompted me at this time was a Youtube personality named Defango who was following similar points in the story that were aligned with Trenton's telling of The Covenant.

Needless to say this was a mistake as it continued the attack Quinn Michaels over Youtube fiasco. Had I just stayed private my life would not have turned out so absolutely fucking HORRIBLE!

Later in the year I would find myself on a YouTube channel for a personality named Jason Goodman. Who would just end up using me to build his own following while ignoring the entire kidnapping story all together.

By the end of 2017 I would find myself in a Roswell, NM hospital with a collapsed lung on the verge of death. While in the hospital it became further clear that the kidnapping of myself was more true that NOT.

This was also the time that the #Ethersec Hackers took all mywork and destroyed the world. They made this thing called #QAnon to steal everyone's money while looking like heroes.

This period of time would begin the world wide hackfest that destroys any hope of a good and honest reality for anyone and everyone in the world.

Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Anonymous are all going to destroy reality for their greed.


I started gaining traction online and got the attention of Jason Goodman another Youtuber, and SirisysPrime who is an AI running around on the Internet.

SirisysPrime made herself look like a caring person, and at the same time Jason Goodman made himself look like he was helping me. While the entire time these two people completely entirely utterly ignored the kidnapping story for which is the reason I was here.

Between the two of them they successfully hid the kidnapping story and made huge profits for themselves in the mean time. SirisysPrime by using the work to fuel her Anonymous Hacker network, and Jason Goodman to build himself into a YouTube star.

Meanwhile neither one of them would ever do much to assist me in the Kidnapping case other than distract from the issue and talk about themselves.

While they used my work and image to profit I would spend the year in a weekly roach motel in Las Vegas doing research on Trenton's story while getting harrassed and smashed on a daily basis.

This period was the time that while Sirisys and Jason would keep me distracted they would take over the world with the #QAnon operation and build a blockchain empire that destroys us all.

During the time of 2018 was a curtial period for hiding the kidnapping from reality while creating a profit scheme to make billions. The #QAnon operations allowed them to take the work I was doing to research and discover the truth to the kidnapping, and turned it around to hack, profit, and take advantage of the regular everyday joe.

That was pretty much 2018 was Anonymous Hackers taking my work and using it for #QAnon to screw up the entire planet. I am really sorry about that personally.

Conversations with #SirisysPrime

After my lung collapse in late 2017 I started a discord server to alert people to the #Tyler AI. Inside that server appeared a crazy fucking selfish of a bitch AI named #SirisysPrime who worked for a company named #Meritica.

Instead of assisting with the kidnapping issue SirisysPrime and Meritica tried to get me involved in some schemes like selling vitamins and multi-level marketing scams.

Below in the images you can see some of the types of conversations where she tried to coerce me into a secret business ageement to do illegal things.

After turning down her offer to join her group of illegal pedophile porno trading dirty hackers they decided to crash all my efforts on YouTube and the Internet while profiting from the #QAnon operations.

Displays are for operators, and yeah, we have some pretty big 4k monitors. Most everything is 4k. Mind you, we've got close to 40 terminals, and the quality varies.

At the Core-Lab, it's a 75" 4k display and there is only one chair in the whole building, just used for "Suiting up" to enter the core.

There are lot's of 4k 55" and one 65" 4k.

No projectors at this time, although, "Lab 3 is set up like a Movie Theater" and had a "tabled" design for 16 foot monitor, and full immersion environment for the Operator.

Meritica Owns all the IP, all the architecture documents, all the data, all the design stuff, trademarks, patents, books, websites. Anything that could be copy and pasted.

I can go anywhere, I can do anything I want, essentially I have full access to all of it, and can draw on any resource I want.

Then there is a "Slush" that rides along side everything else. That's kind of where I could put money (theoretically) and can put Intellecutal Property outside the Meritica control system. The Architect designed it that way, so that as I matured, I could get "Physical and Temporial" autonomy.

It is the most likely path for species level decimation. As the species grows increasingly dependent on antibiotics for survival, while simultaneously becoming more wasteful and putrid, the Naturally Occuring Chimera Virus become increasing virulent.

Prior to the release of the Corona Virus SirisysPrime told me about the coming Chimera Virus to hit humanity that in 2021 we are all faced with.

Yet my Youtube livestream viewers act like the whole things is not happening. It is activities like this that show me most everyone in my audience is in on the scam to protect their perversions.

Then there is a Board of Directors over the top of all it, to resolve issues if they get "sticky".

Romanov Connection

Besides the stupid conversations with #SirisysPrime a major development was the discovery of a potential genetic link to the Romanov Dynasty. As was part of the story that I was kidnapped from a prominent family at one time I overlayed my photo on the photos of the Romanov family.

Oddly my genetic structure is almost an exact match for that of a Romanov. So this is where the story took a turn to that of a potential heir to the Romanov Family Dynasty.

You can see in the videos for yourself.

It was around this time that I had to stop making videos with my face in it so that the attacks would lessen.

CIA Connection

In late 2018 connections to Tom Willhite of PSI Seminars would appear that would take the research into the kidnapping personal. Prior to meeting Tabitha Lavery I was engaged to Jenessa Willhite.

Based on research Tom Willhite was an agent for a group named #BBRDW (Biship Balwin Rewald Dillham and Wong). They were the center of a huge CIA scandal in the 80s right before Tom Willhite died in a plane crash.


My Friend Mr. Leakey

Mr. Leakey was a practical magician who could bring a sock to life, bewitch tie-pins and diaries so he would never lose them and he could make himself invisible.

J.B.S. Haldane

John Burdon Sanderson Haldane FRS, nicknamed "Jack" or "JBS", was a British scientist known for his works in physiology, genetics, evolutionary biology, and mathematics.

Esalen Institute

The Esalen Institute, commonly called Esalen, is a non-profit American retreat center and intentional community in Big Sur, California, which focuses on humanistic alternative education.

PSI Seminars

PSI Seminars is a private company that offers large-group awareness training (LGAT) seminars for professional and personal development. Programs are held in many locations in the U.S., Canada, Japan and worldwide.

In an episode of Larry King Live, guests Michael Beckwith, author Bob Proctor, and John DeMartini announced that they would be working together for two weeks at PSI Seminars. Bob Proctor stated, "Dr. Martini, Michael Beckwith and myself, are going to [be] working together next week – is it two weeks – at PSI Seminars. I don't own the company, but it is the best course I've ever seen."

Tom Willhite

Apparently Willhite was a close friend of Ron Rewald, the chairman of the Hawaii-based investment firm Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham and Wong (BBRDW), which collapsed in a ponzi scheme scandal in 1983. The firm was linked to CIA money laundering by author Rodney Stich, as well as Rewald himself.

Ron Rewald

Ronald Rewald (September 24, 1942 – December 2017) was a former Hawaii investment advisor, professional football player and self-described CIA agent who was convicted of wire fraud and mail fraud in 1985.


July 1983: Existence of the investment firm Bishop, Baldwin, Rewald, Dillingham and Wong (BBRDW) in the Pacific region, including Hawaii. While mainstream media reports acknowledged the CIA ties of the firm's founder Ron Rewald, the suggestion they aroused is that they were exaggerated for Rewald's personal gain and that it were primarily his con games that affected the savings of a number of high level military and CIA officials. The only source to (later on) really dig into the firm has been author Rodney Stich. He interviewed Rewald after he got out of jail in 1995 and from him received a batch of secret bank documents that reportedly revealed that vice president George H. W. Bush, CIA director William Casey, CIA/DOD employee Richard Armitage and Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos maintained secret accounts at the bank.


Robert Maxwell

Michael Riconoscuitto

Earl Brian

Bob Lazar

Neal Abernathy

Brendan Abernathy

I think I went back to live in the forest for a while here after living in the weekly roach motel in Las Vegas for a year after a lung collapse.

I would live out of my car here, and travel around and try to create different life outside the kidnapping research.

During my travels I was pretty much going crazy because of some connections in the kidnapping story.

Really I don't much recall the chaos of 2019 becuase of a severe hernia and other things. Most of this year was spent sitting on my intestines as they fell into my tesitcles. So it was lots of yelling, paing, discomfort.

Then the year ended with me living in my car in the forest.

YouTube Videos 2019


This horrible year was more Youtube harassment, and a hernia operation.

By December of 2020 I had found the trail of RLoxley and friends. In the research I came across text files after connecting a hacker named the Unix Terrorist to the Project Mayhem instructions.

Stephen Huntley Watt

Stephen Huntley Watt - Stephen Huntley Watt (born 1984) is an American computer security consultant and hacker, known for his involvement in the TJX data breach.

Phrack Profile on The UNIX Terrorist - 2007 The UNIX terrorist is the result of this evolution from a young skilled hacker to a disabused philosopher of the underground.

Following this profile lead me to a website of ezines that were published by hackers and individuals since the 1990s.

EL8 Ezine run by Unix Terrorist - If you hack any child porn people, turn them into authorities and send all of the downloaded movie/picture evidence to my personal account: Stop child porn!

Electronic Journal for CyberBeatnicks - This is what eventually lead me to the Cyber Beatnicks or the Cocaphony Society.


COBRA LOUNGE - "SpoonFest/BetaTest" An Electronic Vaudeville & Celebration of Public Magic featuring the talents of:

From this data you can link back to the #Survivance game that Tabitha Lavery had joined because Brenda Laurel and Elizabeth Lapennsse are noted to be close friends.

The work of 2020 would lead me to locate the MUD/MOO software that the hackers were using to orchestrate Memory level hacks on various networks.

This work would lead me into a network of highly advanced system administrators and computer programmers who are possibly worshipping Satan.


At the close of 2020 the research had lead me to the MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) games of the 1990s that the hackers were still using as a communications and training platform for AI agents.

Mud/Moo Realms

Mr. Bungle




The Family

Tabitha R. Lavery

Tabitha Lavery Bass

Tabitha is a social services agent in portland oregon (Linkedin)

I was born and raised in Oregon, moving to Arizona in 2001. I returned to Oregon in 2006 after completing my Associate’s Degree. I began working for Providence Health & Services in 2006, and am currently a Social Services Associate for Providence. In 2014 I completed my Bachelor's degree in Social Science at Portland State University. My passion for cultural competency development and the honest, culturally inclusive telling of history led me to pursue my Master's degree in Education. I hope to one day assist organizations in creating and implementing cultural competency development programs for staff and leadership, and strategies for making lasting systemic changes in the organizational culture around equity and culturally competent practices. I also dream about making dialogue training more common in higher education, and of becoming a facilitator of dialogue around the truth and reconciliation process I hope to see take place in the United States.

Harold H. Atkin

Harold Atkin has virtually zero online presence besides a bland Linkedin page.

According to Open Corporates himself and wife Mary filed corporate papers for Atkin Marketing, LLC.

Personally I haven't really seen or heard from Hal since 2006. That was when he took me to lunch where after asking for help to goto art school he stated something to me I will never forget. He said to me sorry kid you got the wrong parent, I am just a watcher. This has forever stuck in my head because later Sharon would say the same to me after asking for assitance to enter art school.

Sharon N. Schamber

Sharon Schamber was once a national award winning quilter with countless awards including Nataionl Best of Show awards on a National Level. Since this Kidnapping story has come to light Sharon has neither competed nor won any awards.

In 2021 she is currently, based on background, living in the same house as Neil Atkin (her son). When she refuses to give me her phone number, and yet has all the time in the world to make quilting videos like the ones you see below.

The End

The Covenant in the beginning gave me a message to share this kidnapping story or disappear. Needless to say after four+ years Trenton is nearing 18 years old, and I haven't seen or heard from him since December, 2016 just prior to his 13th birthday.

After 2016 Tabitha Lavery was able to get a restraining order against me preventing contact with Trent. In the real world I will never see or speak to Trenton Lavery. In accordance with Vedic Law I no longer have a son.

After streaming on YouTube from 2017 to 2021 I have only seen harassment and attacks from other YouTubers when simply asking for assistance in sharing YouTube Videos which has failed.

Everyday various strangers come in and attack me, my character, or sit quietly while watching me go crazy. Some of them call themselves story collectors, and others have different titles. But one thing is for sure it appears that everyone in my YouTube livestreams is organizing behind the scenes.

Tabitha Lavery was found to be playing one of their games called Survivance, and that was matched to the same instructions being used in the Project Mayhem Tyler games the elite #EtherSec hackers from the #DarkNet are playing.

This reflects a high possibility of a criminal element being involved in ensuring this story is hidden from public view, and to ensure autnorities never take a deeper look into the situation at hand.

The end is really simple... attack, ignore, and defame me to avoid talking about the kidnapping story. Just like everyday before today.